Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Building the Spirit of Community!

Now that the weather is warm and beautiful, the preschool children visited Churchill Manor – a senior resident home, and the Stroke & Geriatics Ward at the Grey Nuns Hospital to cheer the seniors and the patients and staff.
Children sang multiple songs and performed the play about “Peter Pan”. They were amazing and the feedback from everybody who saw them perform was gratifying. Tawa staff were also blown away by the performances and the talent of the children.
It is a wonderful way for the children to learn about giving back to society and bridging the inter-generational bond. Definitely an enriching experience for all! 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Special Performance!

Tawa preschoolers were in for a real treat. Nmakaba Conteh, Sarah Dubitz and Sarah Marjan, who are students of the Concordia University, visited our Centre and acted out a puppet play that they had written called “The Fairies in the Woods”.
Children learned that sharing is nice and the students actually also wrote up a song that many children were humming through the day.
An outstanding effort and we sure enjoyed it. Hopefully they all score top marks for this presentation!

Yummy birthday cake!

Recently the Tawa gang was able to consume birthday cakes from two siblings that attend our Centre.
We were lucky to enjoy these cakes as they were baked by their aunt, who operates the Cake Delights, Edmonton
Children all agreed that the best tasting, most awesome cakes are the ones that come from
Buy some cake from this Cake Delights and see if you agree with the Tawa gang!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Gift for Mom!

Tawa preschooler gang had looked after their Earth day planting project and we saw some beautiful plants grow from the seeds.
Children then decorated pots and placed these plants into them, which were later given to mom’s for Mother’s Day.
Our mom’s were very touched by this gesture and children also got the opportunity to learn about working on long term, meaningful projects.
All in all, a valuable lesson with a beautiful outcome.

"Mom,I Love You"!

As the sewing interest in the school-age play room is still going strong, children chose to create a napkin with the words “I love you mom”.
Everybody was eager to make this project as they anticipated mom’s happiness when she saw the creation that each child had so lovingly and patiently made.
Our mom’s took the time to thank staff profusely and were amazed at the skills their children had mastered.