Monday, 20 July 2015

Having fun with math!

Tawa preschoolers were learning numbers as children are interested in counting the buses and cars they see when they are outdoors.
This interest was then picked up on by staff and the children were offered a variety of activities to explore. They enjoyed bingo games, number blocks and sand paper numbers amongst many other activities.
Children can count upto 100 and more and many are learning simple math skills. Way to go, Tawa gang. We are so proud of you all!!

Infants enjoying outdoor play!

Tawa infants and toddlers enjoyed a beautiful summer’s day in our outdoor playground.
Children were busy playing and participating in a variety of activities. They sure enjoy the playground and would love to live there.

Upcoming bake sale for fundraising

Tawa Out-of-schoolers were involved in creating Bake Sale notices which will be held in our Centre and the building on Tuesday, July 28 in the am.
Children will be handing out the notices to all the offices in the building so that everybody who has been waiting so eagerly for our much anticipated bake sale comes in to buy and support the children.
These funds will be matched by the Centre and donated to charity.
You go guys, this is a wonderful cause.


We were away!

We are excited to post a few blogs together as the children have been so busy learning and growing.
We have not been able to post new blogs as quickly as the gang is exploring new activities. We apologize and hope to be able to keep up in the future.

Fun times at the splash park!

Tawa out-of-schoolers and preschoolers had immense fun going to the Millwoods Splash Park to cool down on an extremely warm day.
Children were busy playing and enjoying themselves and we are so thankful to be able to go to this wonderful little park.
Can you see how much fun it was that day?