Thursday, 26 November 2015

Food Bank donation - Thinking of the needy!

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, children are learning about the importance of sharing with everybody who needs a helping hand.
Children enjoyed painting a Donation Box for the Food Bank and we hope to fill it pretty soon with goodies to share.
These will then be handed over the Southside Women’s Clinic who have wonderful staff that collect food donations from the entire building and deliver to the Food Bank.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Taming the Dinosaurs!

Tawa preschoolers are fascinated with dinosaurs and to further explore this theme, 
children enjoyed playing with dinosaurs in the water table.
All sorts of toys and accessories were being added to the water table as the dinosaurs were hungry, lonely and very dirty. So children added food, other animals and sponges so that we could clean our new pets.
A lot of learning and fun as the gang learnt about the great big and little dinosaurs which are now extinct!

Having fun with puppets!

Tawa preschooler team of children enjoyed a relaxing time playing with puppets.
It was interesting to see their play unfold as they made up characters and names for their favourite puppets and a new story was created. Children shared tales from the many story books they hear on a daily basis and came up with a great plot.
It was rewarding for staff to see children having so much laughing and sharing their imagination!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Refining finr motor skill!

Tawa young preschoolers have been exploring pencil crayons and bingo dabbers. They like to see the end product they have created and enjoy everybody’s admiration when these creations are posted on the wall. Parents also show their appreciation of these creations and this adds to everybody being so proud, excited and happy.
Children are refining their fine motor skills by having a ton of fun. What more can one ask for, don’t you agree?

Halloween Crafts!

This week, all the children in the playrooms have been engaged in making Halloween crafts, singing Halloween songs and talking about their costumes.
Children painted with black paint and made witches’ hats, painted orange Jack-o-lanterns and made ghosts out of tissue paper.
The play rooms look spooky and everybody is looking forward to making their Halloween bags tomorrow. They are wishing for a ton of treats, of course.