Friday, 25 July 2014

The Law visits TMDC!

Constable Crompton visited our Centre recently and gave the preschoolers and school-age children a presentation on how Police Officers keep our streets safe.
Children listened well and asked a lot of questions. One of the questions that was brought up was about bullying. Constable Crompton talked about the dangers of bullying and not to get involved in this behavior if they saw it happening. He advised Tawa friends to inform an adult if they saw this happening.
As the children were enthralled by the presentation, they were invited to visit the Police Station. Of course, we were thrilled with this opportunity and visited the next day. The Tawa kids were given a tour of the Policed Station and were told that we never want to see them locked up in the cells when they grow up. This had a big impact and children were heard talking about always being “good guys” so that they could enjoy their freedom.


Monster mini golf - Scarrrry!

The school-age children visited Monster Mini Golf last week.
It was tremendous fun as the children played and enjoyed a great physical activity and social time with friends and teachers. For many of our friends in the group, it was a first time visit. Surely, though it won’t be the last.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Theatre comes to Tawa!

Tawa kids were excited as the Theatre company presented a Dinosaur show recently.
Everybody participated heartily as they were engrossed in the stories, singing and role playing opportunities. Children and staff were happily engaged in the interactive performances and there were big squeals of happy laughter and giggling heard throughout the playroom.
Definitely a worthwhile performance that was enjoyed by all!

Spending quality time with our elders!

Tawa school-age children recently visited the Sheppard’s Care (a senior’s residence) with books that they had made to share with all the “grandma’s and grandpa’s”.
The residents were happy to see the children and enjoyed having the books read to them. Tawa kids were enthused to see the seniors and they sang and danced which made the residents smile.
This is an excellent experience for the children and seniors to experience inter-generational bonding. Our friends in the school age room are excited that they have been invited to visit again next month

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer fun time at the Legislative grounds!

The Tawa crew were fortunate to visit the Legislative Assembly Grounds for a field trip.
The children were excited to go on the school bus and had fun sitting with their friends. When we reached there, the school age children got a tour of the building and learnt a lot of history with the staff of the Legislative Assembly. The preschoolers enjoyed a treasure hunt (more age appropriate). Everybody enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a picnic lunch on the grounds.
Edmontonians sure are lucky to have such a beautiful building and gorgeous gardens to enjoy during our warm weather.