Thursday, 28 April 2016

Celebrating Earth Day!!!

Our preschool and kindergarten children enjoyed learning about “Earth Day” and what they could do to help mother earth.
Many items, e.g., banana and orange peels, paper, cd’s, bottles and cans, eggshells, a used band aid, a yogourt cup with its seal etc., were left in a pile for the children to separate. Staff provided three labeled containers with the words – compost, recycle and garbage, pasted on top.
The activity required children to separate the mixed up items and place them into the correct container. Children worked in groups discussing what they could do to place them in the correct container. Many active minds worked together to ensure that they achieved success.
Our little crusaders surely learnt the value of taking care of mother earth and are so proud of their efforts.

Student's Newsletter!!

The kindergarten and out-of-school care children are working on creating a Spring newsletter for their parents.
A bunch of the gang worked together in the playroom and a sample of their writing efforts will be included in our latest edition.
They were so proud of their art and writing skills. Way to go friends!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Cool Sunglasses!!!

A girl in our Out-of-School Care room was caught on camera wearing sunglasses that she had made from the construction bucket.
Pretty cool to see how creative our team is, and a friend actually wanted to go outdoors to see if these work. Do you see this item as the next must-have fashion accessory or what?

Fun Times in the Toddler room!!!

A typical fun time in our busy toddler room where you see some of the gang playing in the sand table, other friends were painting and some were giggling and catching bubbles.

It certainly is rewarding being in this room.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Enjoying outdoors during Spring Break!!

Our Tawa outschoolers had a blast enjoying the beautiful weather that we were experiencing in Edmonton last week.
Children went out to the nearby field with a ton of outdoor equipment and participated in different sports activities.
Lovely weather and active play is surely the best way to celebrate the outdoors.

Building Robots!!

The school age crew sorted out the counters by colors and was impressed that so many were available for building.
After discussion, they decided to build a robot together using up as many of the colored counters.
What great imagination and eye-hand co-ordination it took to build Mr. Robotiks, as it was named by the crew.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring Clean Up!!

Last week, when Edmonton was experiencing warm weather and the elementary children were on spring break, the Tawa Out-of-School Care crew volunteered to go to our day care playground to clean up for our little friends to enjoy.
The clean up crew went through the toys and sorted them to ensure that only safe toys were available for our friends to play with. They also helped clean up the playground and the bonus was that our young gang was able to enjoy the warm spring weather.
Look at our Tawa clean up crew work so hard. We cheer their good will.