Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Boo!!

The Tawa gang is getting ready to celebrate Halloween on Friday.
Tons of excitement throughout the Centre as children discuss the costumes that they are going to wear on this day, and are awaiting the big party at the Centre. A special lunch has been arranged for that day. Of course, everybody wants to go to trick or treating to pick up all the loot they can.
In the playrooms the children have been learning numerous Halloween songs and poems as well as creating spooky crafts. Today we were preparing our Halloween loot bags so that these can be stacked full with candy. Yum!
Have a safe and happy Halloween, friends.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beautiful Autumn Day!

Tawa toddlers and preschoolers enjoyed visiting our outdoor park on a beautiful autumn day.
Everybody got lots of exercise and enjoyed the fresh air outdoors.

Wishing for more beautiful weather in the coming weeks!

Actors in the making!

Tawa preschoolers are learning the importance of kindness and generosity.
The children were participating in a skit about the importance of kindness by reading the book, “The Fisherman and friends”. By reading this story, the children learnt that sharing just a little bit of food helps someone from not feeling hungry.
Children enjoyed acting out the skit and the whole week was positive as everyone tried to be kind to a friend or two  

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thanksgiving Day!

The Tawa gang is exploring the importance of Thanksgiving Day, which is coming up this weekend.
Children have been learning Thanksgiving Day songs, listening to stories, and making a bunch of crafts. Parents have been complimenting staff on the number of songs that the children have learnt and we will be sharing our “Turkey” card soon with the families. The preschoolers enjoyed choosing the colors of their turkeys and making bodies. Gobble up the turkey and have a great Thanksgiving Day with your families, everybody. 

Election time in the OSC room!

The Tawa Out-of-School care crew recently had to decide on who they wanted to be the leaders in
their room.

Through the voting process, two leaders were elected. These leaders had to write up their oath and pledged to keep the room and children safe.
It was a fun way to learn the process of democracy and what leadership entails.