Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Infants with Bugs! Yikes!!

Tawa infants are exploring bugs and nature.
What fun it is to make bug headbands and play in the room.
Bugs in the water and sand table are interesting. Wonder what they would feel like to my touch, eh!

More Red!

Tawa todds are really enjoying exploring the color red.
Staff were adding red to all the play centres and children were busy playing and learning. Children even suggested that we use a red ball and a red blanket to play games.
Oh, what fun it is to appreciate our colors!

Toddlers see Red!

A lot of excitement in the Toddler room as they were exploring the color red.
Red in the water table, red in the sandbox and red, red, red everywhere was being seen. Children also named the Canadian flag color as many had watched the FIFA Women’s games and seen the sea of red that the fans were wearing.
What a beautiful sight the color red makes. Definitely an explosion of color!

Monday, 8 June 2015

Happy Birthday Sis!

One of our little one’s was excited as it was her sister’s birthday. She was sharing with friends and staff that they were having a big celebration at home and she couldn’t wait to surprise her big sis.
Staff suggested that she make a card to give to her sister and she began to work on this activity.
The next day the child shared that her sister was extremely surprised to receive the card that was made especially for her. What a wonderful memory big sister will have when she looks at it  in the future.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Building the Spirit of Community!

Now that the weather is warm and beautiful, the preschool children visited Churchill Manor – a senior resident home, and the Stroke & Geriatics Ward at the Grey Nuns Hospital to cheer the seniors and the patients and staff.
Children sang multiple songs and performed the play about “Peter Pan”. They were amazing and the feedback from everybody who saw them perform was gratifying. Tawa staff were also blown away by the performances and the talent of the children.
It is a wonderful way for the children to learn about giving back to society and bridging the inter-generational bond. Definitely an enriching experience for all!