Monday, 23 March 2015

Learning from their peers by example!

Children in the preschool room have been interested in the book, “Llama Llama and the bully goat”, by Anna Dewdney.
They are learning appropriate ways to deal with hurt feelings and when someone is not being fair or nice. Discussion ensues whenever this book is read and children in the out-of-school care room were asked to help with this interest of the children.
The school age children decided to make a puppet show for the preschoolers. They decided on who was participating, wrote out a script, practiced and then presented to the preschoolers.
This was a valuable lesson and everybody enjoyed the hard work. Way to go you guys – wish adults could solve problems as easily!

Learning math the fun way!

A child in the Out-of-School Care room was having trouble understanding fractions.
To make this a fun way to learn, staff incorporated a cookie and a fraction puzzle for the children to learn and conquer this mathematics problem.
Staff cut a cookie again and again evenly to master whole, one-half, one-quarter and one-eighths.
This was a stress free and delicious way to learn and enjoy a piece of the cookie.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sewing interest continues!

Our sewers were so excited when their parents arrived and showed so much interest and enthusiasm for their learning and interest in sewing.
One of the boy’s asked staff to draw him something harder so that he could practice sewing again. Staff drew a clover leaf as it is getting close to St. Patrick’s Day.
Our Tawa friend concentrated and worked hard on his sewing project and achieved great success. Way to go, guys!

New sewers emerge

Tawa kindergartners are interested in learning a new skill – sewing.
Staff took the time to teach our young sewers how to sew simple stitches and they were so engrossed in this activity. Staff then drew an apple on a piece of paper and provided the children with a needle and thread and sewing began in earnest.
We are so proud of their efforts.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Art with popsycle sticks!

Preschool children enjoyed making a variety of crafts with popscyle sticks and glue.
Wonderful structures and creations appeared through their hard work and imagination.
It was a wonderful and productive afternoon activity. There were many discussions at the art table as they exchanged ideas about what they were going to make.