Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Indian summer - Edmonton style!!!

We took advantage of the warm weather that Edmonton was experiencing last week.

The children and staff enjoyed the outdoors and built a snowman. The children also enjoyed spraying paint in spray bottles onto the snow and watched the snow change colors and made snow popsicles.

It was certainly a fun week and now we are back into the deep freeze, Edmonton style.   

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Singing Christmas Carols at Grey Nuns Hospital!

It was a great honor for Tawa Montessori Day Care & Out-of-School Care to be invited by the Grey Nuns Hospital to sing for the Board of Directors on Thursday, December 11, 2014.

There was great excitement in the Centre as the preschoolers prepared to sing 14 songs and a dance for the Board and the staff, patients and visitors at the Grey Nuns Hospital Cafeteria.

Children and staff from the Centre visit once a month from spring to fall to sing, dance and perform for the Stroke & Geriatrics Ward. Children look forward to these visits as most of us do not have grandparents in our lives, and we wish to promote the intergenerational bond within our community.

We received many accolades for the performance and have already been invited to perform again next year. We wish to congratulate all the children and staff for their hard work and generosity in sharing their skills. Bravo!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Xmas stockings!

Tawa preschoolers were busily engaged in sewing up Christmas stockings on a very cold, snowy day.
Preschoolers have been working on lacing skills recently and could sew proficiently. Staff took advantage of spending time indoors with the children and created these stockings.
Our wee, little friends and these colorful stockings, are awaiting eagerly for Christmas to arrive.

Friday, 21 November 2014

He is making a list!

Tawa preschoolers and kindergartners are getting ready for Christmas. A lot of discussion ensues when children go to the mall and see the decorations up already. They are awaiting the days to Christmas and seeing Santa, of course.

To further their interest in Christmas, staff have asked children to start writing letters to Santa so that we can mail these off. The Tawa gang worked hard on drawing pictures for Santa and told stories that were printed by staff (as most of the youngsters cannot write yet) on these pictures.

We are mailing these off tomorrow and will eagerly watch out to see when we receive mail from Santa. Exciting days ahead for all.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lest we Forget!

Tawa preschoolers discussed the reasons as to why we celebrate Remembrance Day.
Children had watched the televised program and knew about the sacrifice of the soldiers during war times. One of our little friends remarked that “the girlfriends did not die. They were fine”. We responded that everybody missed their loved ones and were sad that the soldiers had to go to war zones.
Children then called out the countries that their families had immigrated from, and we saw these countries on the globe, which was pretty cool for the kids.
To further their learning, we played alphabet bingo with the names of the countries that they had pointed out. Everybody enjoyed sharing stories that their parents or grandparents had told them.
We ended this session by providing water colors for children to enjoy an art activity.