Thursday, 26 May 2011

“I Am Special” Concert

We are handing out the tickets to tomorrow's "I Am Special" Concert today. Please make sure that you pick up your tickets.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints, we will be limiting the number of tickets to two per family.The Centre door will be open between 4:00 and 4:10 pm. We hope to start the event by 4:15 pm.

Children in the Purple and Green rooms will be released as their performance is done. Should a child show signs of distress, we would appreciate the parent picking the child up so that the performances can continue without disruptions.

We will also be stopping for a couple of minutes between each room’s performance to give parents in a hurry a chance to leave. We would appreciate your co-operation in not walking or talking during the performances as it could distract the children.

We will also be selling DVDs of this event next week ($5.00 a copy). Please let us know if and how many copies of the DVD you would like. Proceeds of the sales of DVDs will go towards the purchase of playground equipment.

Please remain seated or standing in your space so that the children can perform to the best of their abilities.

Shelina and the Tawa Montessori Daycare Staff


  1. Great job, special thanks to all the staff for their hard work to bring this event together. Its amazing to see that despite the long hours you all had to put in each and everyday to care for our children that you can find the time and effort to put on this great show for all us parents. Very much appreciated. GREAT JOB!!!

  2. I can't say enough good things about the concert! My child loved performing (4 years old) and really broke out of her shell because of the skills learned preparing for the play.
    Excellent job everyone!