Friday, 26 August 2011

Bug Lady

On Friday (Aug. 19), the children had an exciting visit from the Bug Lady. She brought in some “guests” and taught the children about several different insect species and a snake, including:
“Twiggy” the Stick Bug – is built for camouflage; pulls all legs against body and plays dead to look even more like a stick; girls who do not mate still lay eggs.... All eggs female. If they mate the hatch will be even split boy/girl.

“Rosie” the tarantula - is very delicate, would not survive a 2 foot drop onto a hard floor; a Ground Spider - does not climb and spin webs to catch her prey; stays on the ground and uses her fangs to spear the insect food; does not use venom!

“Edward" the Emperor Scorpion - is luminescent; the larger the species the less venomous; uses claws to catch and eat food; attacks only when it feels threatened.

‘Spot” and “Toad”- Kenya Sand Boas – camouflage colors match other animals from Kenya; tail scales very tough to fend off predators; spend most of their life under the sand; have very little eyes and bad sight.... Head under the sand all day!

“Bob” the ball python – has special glands on upper lip to sense heat; Spurs are what is left of the snakes hind legs and a floating pelvis; all snakes stick out their tongues to taste the air. The Jacobson gland (on the roof of the mouth) tells the brain what the snake smells.

Bugs first instinct is to run, run and run when they sense danger. Bugs are an essential to the eco-system and we need them to keep a balance in nature.
Here are some pictures of this visit.

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