Thursday, 26 January 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year

 Mrs. Leung and her sister attended the Centre to share information about the Chinese New Year.

We learnt that this is the year of the Dragon. The color red is very important. People wear red to scare the monster away.  The lion and dragon dances also help to scare the monster and get rid of bad luck. Red and gold colors were traditionally used for decorating residences. A popular tradition that is still followed is that adults give out money in pretty, red envelopes to children. Colourful, cultural clothing is worn to celebrate the New Year.

The colors white and black are not considered to symbolize good luck. However, green and pink are considered to be bring good luck.

This presentation was enjoyed by children and they participated by asking questions.

Here are some pictures for you to share this story with us. 

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  1. Very cool to read! My son kept telling me he saw a real dragon...NOW I get it!