Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pineapples - Yummy!

Children in the toddler and preschool play room were interested in Pineapples when they went for a walk with staff to the nearby Sobey’s (a grocery store). We purchased a few pineapples and had them describe how they felt to the touch. Many children were surprised by how prickly they felt .

Children enjoyed watching staff cut up the fruit. The lovely smell made them want to eat it all up! We learnt that pineapples :

-           grow on trees in hot climates.;

-          are shipped to Canada;

-          are sent by trucks to the grocery stores.

They looked at the map of the world and saw some of countries where pineapples grow.

We googled pineapples and shared the pictures with the children.

Everybody enjoyed a snack of pineapples and cookies.  

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