Monday, 14 May 2012

Celebrating Mom!

Infants created cards for moms with bingo dabbers that were colorful and bright,

Toddler room children created tulips out of cup holders. They enjoyed painting these creations and were excited to share with Mom or the Special Person in their lives. Toddlers also made a card and since there were a lot of stories about love for mom, they wanted a heart drawn so that they could show their love. Staff took the time to record each child’s personal message on their card about what they love to do with mom. Staff shed a few tears as the messages were so personal and touching.  

The preschool room children made cards by using sticky alphabets for their names. They drew pictures to depict their love. Children experienced splash painting on a coffee filter. This is done by folding the coffee filter in half, dipping paint on a paint brush and splashing it on one side of the coffee filter, and then pressing the painted side to the blank side so that a pattern is created. Once the paint has dried, the coffee filter is folded and a pipe cleaner is attached to the bottom. A pretty flower results from this action and the children placed these in a yogurt bottle to make a vase.

The out-of-school children stitched pin cushions which were made from scraps of material and stuffing. They stitched a button on top of the pin cushion which they had picked out. They enjoyed designing the pieces of material that they thought their mom would love most. Sewing is still a great interest in this play room.

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