Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bollywood Dance Performance-Grey Nuns Hospital

Our Centre was fortunate in that we got invited by Covenant Health to perform Bollywood dances for the Stroke & Geriatic patients. They informed us that they were going to invite the media so that we could get consents from our parents.

Of course, we were excited and jumped on the bandwagon, and got things on a roll quickly.

Costumes had to be prepared and dance practices began in earnest. There was a lot of excitement and joy and children repeatedly wished to perfect their dance moves.

Finally, the day arrived (June 27, 2012) and what a fantastic and superb performance the children put on. It made the staff so proud to see this act. BRAVO! The patients and staff at the Hospital were impressed and touched by the children’s performance.

Global, CFRN, CBC news channels filmed the performance and aired it on the evening news. The performance was aired on Breakfast Television, City TV this morning.  Some of the children were interviewed and others were shy. The link to CBC is

Al and myself wish to congratulate the staff and the children who are SUPERSTARS!

Al and Shelina Gangji

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