Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day Special

At Tawa Montessori Day Care & Out-of-School Care last week, children were busy as beavers creating cards and crafts for a VIP in their lives.

It being Father’s Day, children enjoyed learning songs about dad and role played dad in the house corner. Staff enjoyed seeing many “dad’s” reading the paper, watching the news and listening to dad snore as they pretended to be the best dad ever.

Infants enjoyed making a card with bingo dabbers and felts. A couple of older children in the room said, “My Daddy, My Daddy”, as they banged the dabbers.

Toddlers created a wall hanging for dad. They put their thumb prints all around the paper plate, and a hand print in the middle. A beautiful memory for Pops!

Preschoolers made a pencil case with a paper towel roll. They were proud to pick up the number stickers in sequence and pasted them on the roll. They each picked a  pencil for dad to write with.

The Out-of-School Care children created a notebook for dad to write the many things that he has to do in his busy day. These were personalized by each child as they drew pictures of their favorite activity with dad.

 Oh, what fun children had creating these gifts and cards.

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