Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Presentation on Finning Canada

Melissa LaPointe, Human Resources Manager for Finning Canada, attended our Centre and made a presentation to the children on her company and her job.

The following information was shared with the children:

-          Finning was started in 1933 by Earl B. Finning with a $50,000 capital investment and 6 employees;

-          80 years in business milestone will be achieved next year in 2013;

-          Finning employs 13,000 people in six countries.  

-          Finning Canada’s head office is located in Edmonton and we employ over 5,000 people

-          Finning has branches in Western Canada, the United Kingdom and the South America;

-          the company’s motto is great people - great solutions - great results;

-          they are involved with the construction, forestry and mining industries;

-          they supply Caterpillar equipment (huge machines) so that these industries can perform their jobs efficiently;

-          a driver sits in a cab to operate the 797 mining caterpillar truck, which can hold over 9 Ford F150 trucks on it;

-          the D8 caterpillar machine is used to dig the ground to build houses, schools, etc.;

-          the caterpillar’s color is special only to this company and is called Cat Yellow;

-           it takes over 2,000 man hours to build one 797  mining caterpillar truck.

The children enjoyed a couple of videos and asked several questions . This was an informative and enjoyable presentation.

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