Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Visit by Edmonton Police

Children spent an exciting Monday afternoon (July 16) at the Centre.  Constables Yena Wong and Kristen Kisser visited us in full uniform and shared their day-to-day experiences as cops. We learnt that:

-          some police officers wear uniforms on duty;

-          the bullet proof vests make the officers feel very warm but they still must wear it;

-          they wear hats that have their police badge with a number;

-          police officers take care of law abiding citizens as well as criminals;

-          on the belt the officers carry a baton which is used to knock on doors or break windows if necessary; two pepper spray cans which sting the eyes; a gun with 3 magazines which have 15 bullets each; a powerful flashlight; 2 sets of handcuffs; and a radio which connects them with all the police officers in their area;

-          police officers study the scene of an accident or crime;

-          they keep fit by running, lifting weights and working out regularly;

-          the police dog that is assigned to them is their dog and works only with the same officers.

We were extremely lucky as the children got to put on the handcuffs, sit in the police cars, heard the very loud sirens, and saw the equipment that is carried in the trunk of the car, e.g., the spike belt, some blankets, etc.  Definitely a SUPERB AND MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE!

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