Friday, 10 August 2012

Steel Drum - Simply Awesome!

We were lucky that Mrs. Nana Hutchins could present the Steel Drum to the children. Mrs. Hutchins plays with Trincan Steel Orchestra. Her band will be performing in the Cariwest Festival that will take place this weekend from August 11-12, 2012 at Churchill Square, it will also include a Caribbean parade at noon on Saturday.

We learnt that the Steel Drum was first discovered by a young boy in Trinidad and Tobago when he began to play on an empty old oil barrel. He enjoyed the sounds that it made and at first only three notes could be played on the oil barrel. Later more notes were added and people danced and sang as the drum was being played.

The Steel Drum was first made in Trinidad and Tobago, and is now made and played all over the world. It is loud and plays beautiful music.

Children enjoyed several songs and played various musical instruments. They also practiced the limbo and competed to see who the best in their age category was. There was a lot of happiness and joy as they bent their bodies to fit under the stick.  Participation and fun was had by all!


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