Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Last week, children participated in a field trip to the Royal Alberta Museum.

They were excited to see the dinosaur exhibits. The dinosaur theme in the playroom resulted in the children being interested in seeing how large these models were. The toddlers and younger preschoolers were amazed at the size of the dinosaur’s feet and tails and many commented, “Look how big they are”. Children were engrossed in the sounds effects from the dinosaurs.

The out-of-school care  and older preschoolers were very fortunate as one of the library staff invited them to listen to the story of the “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig”, a twist on the “Three little pigs and the big bad wolf”. This was a nice gentle introduction to the “Dogs and Wolves” presentations. Children enjoyed the “Wild Life” and “Butterfly” exhibits. The Aboriginal exhibit was appreciated and the hunting tools were studied well. Children were interested to learn about bugs and to touch a cockroach and an African millipede.

Some of the comments made by the children were:

“Enjoyed the field trip. Loved the mineral exhibit!”

“Great field trip. Best Dino exhibit in the world!”

“Had fun. It was nice to pat the Cockroach!”

“Liked the Museum. Loved the Wolf exhibit and the skeleton of the dinosaurs!”

A great learning and interactive excursion.

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