Thursday, 18 April 2013

Encouraging Harmony

To promote harmony and friendship in the Out-of-School Care room, we decided to have a Friendship activity on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

First, we started with putting everyone’s name in a bowl and each child had to pick a name.  Then, they all sat around a table together and each person made a friendship card for their lucky friend! Once all the cards were finished and beautiful, the kids gave the cards they had made to the person whose name they had chosen from the bowl. We ended off the activity with each new pair spending the afternoon and next day playing and sharing together. This created a great new friendships and bonds between the children!


During the activity, the kids were excited to see whose name they were about to draw! For the pairs which had one older and one younger child, it was great to see how the older child guided and helped the younger one—we have some great role models at our centre!


A testimonial from a student about this activity:-


“I enjoyed making the card and was surprised that we had to draw for names as I was expecting to give the card to my best friend. However, I made a new friend and it was interesting to do activities with my new friend and now I have two best friends. This activity was fun” - Albert, Grade 4.


Everyone had fun with the activity, and the best part was seeing all our new friends getting to know each other better!


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