Monday, 8 April 2013

The Invasion of the creepy crawlies. Yikes!!!!


Watch out everyone!!! Our toddler room has been attacked by caterpillars! Spring is coming, and our new critters at Tawa are evidence that we don’t need to wait for the groundhog this year.


The children got creative this week by making caterpillars out of empty egg cartons (which is a perfect way to recycle/upcycle). They all enjoyed painting the egg cartons and gluing the many legs of their enormous creations. At the end of the activity, we all read the story of the “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” together and found a homey space for our new ‘guests’ to stay. 


When our friends in the play room look outside the window and can’t find where Spring has run off to, we can all look at the wall together and see our own Spring creations—right on the wall!  For those of you who are also yearning for warmer weather, come by and check out the children’s caterpillar crafts on the wall and come beckon the warm weather with us!


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