Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sharpen your Pencils!!


We know we’re late for this posting (sorry to all our readers!), but this story should make up for our tardiness this week J


Last week, one of the girl’s in the  Blue Room wanted to make something out of the paper towel roll that she saw on the craft shelf. She asked two other friends to join her, and they all brainstormed ideas on what masterpiece they could create from the empty roll. Using their minds and creativity, they all decided to make a pretty pencil holder. (Great idea, girls!)


Out came the glue, tissue paper and other decorative papers! They started working together on this inventive project. When they first crafted the case, they realized that all the pencils were falling out of the end! So they went back to the drawing board, and with the staff member’s help, they realized they had to seal one end of the roll so that the pencils would not fall out (this was a Eureka moment!). To seal the bottom, they took a roll of masking tape and used it to draw a circle, which they then cut out and glued to the end of the roll. Finally, the pencil case was ready for a very happy girl.


It was wonderful to see all the discussions taking place, and the great ideas that came from the children. The children exemplified effective team work, and this turned out to be a very successful project. Looks like we have some fabulous inventors already in the Tawa Out-of-School Care program!!



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