Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tawa's New Stitcher!!!


For this entry, we wanted to share a special story of one of our kindergarten girls. Molly (name changed for privacy reasons) really enjoyed sewing a card for her mother on Mother’s Day. She worked on the card diligently, but she was surprisingly disappointed when she had completed the activity. When the staff member asked her why she was disappointed, Molly admitted that her favourite stuffed animal (Pikachu) had been hurt, and she wished she could sew him back up too! She asked the staff member if she could bring Pikachu in for repairs, since she didn’t have the right color of thread to fix him at home. We didn’t want to see Molly so sad, so of course the answer was yes!!


Molly brought in Pikachu the next day, and we got right to the repairs!! The staff member threaded the needle for Molly, and then explained to her the best way to stitch Pikachu back up. Molly concentrated and stayed focused until she had sewn the rip completely, and then went on to fix Pikachu’s tail as well!


We are so proud of Molly’s hard work and determination. We may need to get her to help us stitch some of our playhouse curtains (haha)!!! Seriously though, this is a testament to show that we can all do anything we put our minds to if we try hard enough. In life, even when we’re not sure the “rip” can be mended, just keep stitching!!!

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