Tuesday, 23 July 2013

" Cards for Aaron" !!!

A  parent shared the following story of Aaron, a nine year old young boy.
”Aaron Skinner is a 9-year-old boy who has been fighting cancer (neuroblastoma) for the past four years. He has had periods of health and periods where the cancer has returned. Last Thursday (July 4), his mom (Teresa Skinner) posted this update to Facebook:

"It is with a very broken heart that I write this post. Aaron's disease is back with a vengeance and we are not going to be winning this fight. We will need to make the decision to do some chemo that may or may not buy Aaron a little more time or to just manage his pain and love him for every moment we still have. I have explained it all to Aaron and he knows the decision is his. We are being admitted to hospital today to manage Aaron's pain and if Aaron chooses to try the chemo we would start that on Mon. Thank you all so much for your love prayers and support over the last 4years we love you all. Xox"

Aaron has decided to undergo chemotherapy which will do one of three things:

1. nothing
2. buy him a few more months with his friends and family
3. put him back into remission.

When Aaron was first diagnosed, another parent organized a project called Cards for Aaron. Here is the information regarding Cards for Aaron:

 When Aaron was first diagnosed I did "cards for Aaron" where I asked people to send cards to Aaron-mainly for reading material for him while he endured his chemo- the response was awesome! And- Aaron loved it! Aaron is needing these cards more then ever now- please join me in round 2 of "cards for Aaron" and what a perfect time- our children are off school and have endless time to create thoughtful cards for little brave Aaron- please help me make this round be successful. Aaron loves Lego- so if you find a card like that he'd love that!!!!

Please... This is the least we can do for this amazing fighter...

How you can help:

* make a status requesting cards- kick off "cards for Aaron"
*get your children to make fun interactive cards- jokes, stories, etc.

Lets make this the best yet!!!!!

 We shared the email with the children and talked about illness and the importance of empathy. Out-of-School Care kids were excited to make cards and a couple of friends put in a lot of thought into writing their stories as well. The infant, toddler and preschool playrooms decided to make group collages.
These cards are going to be delivered to Aaron soon and will pass the message that we are all pitching for Aaron. Get well soon, friend, so that you can build cool structures with Legos all the time.

We hope the following email inspires you to make a card for Aaron, too. Thanks.

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