Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Library Time!!!

Last week was the first week the kids had off from school, but they were still very busy learning and also having fun!

They went on an exciting adventure to the Millwoods Public Library to learn about the ‘History of Edmonton’. We found that there are many places to visit that would be very “cool”. A few examples include driving on the High Level bridge, taking a ride on a real streetcar (just like people did in 1915); a breezy trip down the river on the Edmonton Queen Boat Cruise, going a walking tour of our oldest neighbourhoods, and also going on  a ghost tour!

We talked a lot about the High Level Bridge itself, and below is an excerpt from three children in the Out-of-School care room showing what they learned during our time at the library:

“The High Level bridge celebrated it’s 100th birthday on Canada Day in 2013, and it took four years for it to be built. Canada Day is celebrated with fireworks only on the bridge. In the past, a lot of chemicals were added to the water. This practice has been stopped to make the water safe for the fish.”

It was a memorable trip, and great to learn something about Edmonton right around Canada Day!

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