Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Geology - Interesting!!


Tara Gunson, a Geologist, was excited to be at our Centre to share with the children her Profession.

She showed us a presentation of how our Earth is one of the planets within the solar system. Tawa kids learnt that Geology is the science of the physical Earth, its history, and the processes that act upon it. Geologists study the patterns of the past in order to understand what is happening today and to try to predict what will happen in the future e.g., when an earthquake will happen. This saves lives and helps us prepare for the natural calamities that might happen.

She showed us the different places she has travelled to like the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil, and all over Canada. Tara said that Nunavut was her favourite place to work. We saw nature in all its glory and enjoyed seeing the different animals. We learnt that Geologists conduct studies that locate rocks, which can contain metals, and that they have to set up an office wherever they are working. Sometimes the living conditions are not the most comfortable, but it is part of the experience and they have to adapt to the environment.

We enjoyed seeing all the different rocks and learnt that their textures, colors, sizes and shapes vary. It was a cool and interactive experience that was enjoyed by all!


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