Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Healthy Bodies create Healthy Minds!!!


Tawa kids were lucky that Dr.F. Subhan was able to visit and give a presentation on nutrition.

We learnt that there are four food groups that make us healthy: meat and alternatives, examples are beans, legumes, etc.; milk and alternatives, examples of which are cheese, yogourt, soy; vegetables and fruit; and bread and grains, examples cereal, oats, etc.  Children were surprised to learn that even good foods need to be consumed within limits.

Consuming the other group commonly known as “junk” – cakes, candy, etc., does not help our bodies and mind grow. We should keep a limit on how much of these products we consume.

The kids had fun identifying the different foods and what food group they belonged to. This has helped their learning as they identify good foods when they look at fliers, pictures of food and talk about what they will be eating at dinner time.

Here is to hoping that there will be less demand for “junk” food during treat times, eh!

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