Friday, 6 September 2013

Apples - All different colors!!


Tawa toddlers are learning about apples.


Reading books on apples, going to Sobey’s to shop for apples has been really fun. We saw three kinds of apples – golden, gala and red delicious. We bought them and at snack time, we tasted all these different apples. Yummy, yummy for my tummy, tummy, as they all said.


Children were interested to see an apple tree on their regular walks around the neighborhood and enjoyed watching the tree grow in the summer. From being so small, it grew so much and it was rewarding to see it bear fruit.  The kids were fascinated to feel the apples and plucked them off the tree. These crab apples were so sour and we did not like them.  One of our parents brought apples from her tree at home which were a big hit. So delicious!


This has been a great learning experience as some of our friends do not have gardens and experiencing nature in this way was an eye opener.   

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