Tuesday, 24 September 2013

You have mail !!


Tawa Out-of-School Care kids have been exploring the theme “Community Workers”.

They painted a mail box with red paint, and wrote letters for friends (actually learnt letter writing skills), which were then put in envelopes and inserted into the mailbox. The mail lady came in, picked up the mail and put it into the mailboxes (children’s cubbies). Everybody anxiously was awaiting the mail delivery and kids were excited to see who sent mail to them. With lots of happiness and excitement children read their letters out to each other and some were shocked that they got more than one piece of mail.

One of our friends was so shy because a girl wrote him a letter and after having it read out to him, he hid because this was a special feeling. His mom came to pick him up and he was smiling from ear to ear because he felt so lucky!

Staff talked about the importance of responding to mail that you have received, and one friend immediately took paper and pencil out to write a response. This made me feel that I need to respond quickly to the mail that I receive instead of just e.mailing or telephoning.

Seeing that receiving letters in our mail is ancient and many of us do not receive mail, Tawa kids were lucky to receive fun mail.

It was rewarding to see children so engaged and excited about writing letters to friends and teachers.

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