Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Inter-Generational Experinces!

The Tawa preschoolers and school-age children have experienced compassion and a healthy respect for the elder and wiser population.
They visited the Churchill Manor residence and the Grey Nuns Hospital – Geriatics ward. The children practiced skits, songs and dances that they were going to perform at these sites. Children and staff were excited as they discussed the acts that they wanted to perform and everybody had a ton of ideas.
These were superb experiences for the children as they saw many “grandma’s and grandpa’s” who are in various stages of life. Learning empathy is important and these experiences are going to stay with the children and have an impact on their lives.
Bringing joy and laughter to the seniors is a blessing and the Tawa crew are gung-ho to do this again in August. Bravo children, we tip our hats off to you all!

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