Thursday, 18 September 2014

An Optometrist visits the centre!

The Tawa crew were so fortunate to receive a visit from Dr. Raminder Gill, Optometrist with Spruce Grove Vision Care recently.
Dr. Gill shared with our friends the importance of protecting our eyes. He shared the following info with us:-
-         Avoid staring directly at the sun
-         Wear sunglasses to protect your vision
-         Do not touch your eyes without washing your hands first
-         Regular eye check-ups are necessary for good eye health.
Surprisingly, many children have not had an eye check up by the age of two years. This was good information as parents were reminded by their children to book an eye appointment as they wanted healthy eye vision through their lifetimes.
We feel that this is an important lesson for our crew to learn as good vision is a gift that we need to treasure. 

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