Its difficult saying goodbye to friends, you have made my daughter bilingual, and happy! Whilst I look forward to enjoying my new job and life. I will miss you and your colleagues. May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your friendship, help and support. I have shared some great experiences with you and along the way have had some fun!
- Guy-Anne Pelletier

You have been a godsend to our family for many years, and we cannot express how grateful we are for your support.
- Joanne Protz

I'm writing to let you know what a great experience my son had at your school. He learned so many things, including what it's like to have wonderful teachers! You all exceeded my expectations for daycare.
- Sarbjeet Gill 

I am thankful for the advice and help with the potty training and how [my child's] attitude changed after attending just a few weeks at your day care.  She is still displaying that great, pleasant, caring attitude she left there with.
- Megan and Shylo


Feb 24, 2014


Tawa day care was a complete turn around for my 5 year old son. He was previously at a day care where they played video games and watched TV. We removed him from that day care and placed him in Tawa and noticed an improvement in the first week. Tawa works on his counting and spelling. He never complains about any other kids picking on him because they know how to manage all of the children all of the time. They have rules and everyone follows them. He cleans up after him self now. They genuinely care about my son and his wellbeing. I rest easy at work knowing that he is not only safe but developing and enjoying his life because of how hard they work. They monitor what he is eating. They always know if he has had a good day or not. They tell me if he listened well or not. They work very hard every day and are always focusing on the task at hand. They are very good people. I believe that he is being set up perfectly for next steps because of Tawa's hard work. I highly recommend Tawa day care to any parent that is considering there service.

Robert Wastle
Dale Carnegie Edmonton