Our program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children between the ages of 12 months to 6 years of age.  The program is based on the Montessori method of education for the development of the ‘whole’ child.  Each child is seen as an individual, and the rate of development in different areas varies from one child to another. We consider the varying degrees of development in each child, and take as the starting point the stage of development at which the child is.  All areas of development are taken into account; physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual.  These areas combine to make the child ‘whole.’

We enhance self-esteem by accepting individual children for who they are.  As well as meeting the developmental needs of the children; safety, security, health and nutrition are addressed accordingly. The program seeks to provide the children with a stimulating, happy and secure environment that meets their needs. 

Each child is appreciated as a unique individual with his/her own needs. As such, individual children will receive their full share of time and attention from those caring for them.  This type of care giving encourages a further development of a sense of self in the children, providing them with the confidence needed to explore and discover their world.  We enhance self-esteem by accepting individual children for who they are.


Speech & Language

Children will become confident using their language skills as they will have many opportunities to participate in shared listening, reading and viewing experiences. They will share stories, use rhymes, symbols, pictures and drama to enhance their language skills. Children will begin to draw, record and tell about their own ideas and experiences.


Personal & Social Skills

Children develop personal and social skills at different rates.  By participating in activities and trying new things children will develop positive attitudes. They will learn to express their feelings in socially acceptable ways and show a caring attitude towards others.



Children will have the opportunity to explore and express their thoughts and feelings through visual arts, music, drama and movement. Children will grow in self-awareness and self-confidence as they begin to develop their imaginative and creative thought.


Scientific Curiosity

Children will use their five senses to explore and describe their environment.  They will investigate scientific concepts using sand, water, blocks, play dough and other materials.


Mathematical Ideas

Children will participate in activities to foster the development of number and spatial sense. They will engage in activities to compare quantities, search for patterns, sort objects, order objects, create designs and build with blocks.


Physical Skills & Health Awareness

Children will develop their fine motor and gross motor skills through a variety of activities.  Finger and hand precision along with eye-hand coordination will be developed through activities that use blocks, puzzles and crayons.  Coordinated movements will develop through movement games and activities.  Children will value the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.


Identity & Citizenship

Children will be bringing their own experiences and cultures to the Centre.  They will continue to develop their sense of identity, self-esteem and belonging, which in turn provides the foundations for children to become responsible citizens.