What makes one daycare stand out from the rest? At Tawa Montessori, we operate a little differently than other centres. Here are the key benefits of choosing Tawa Montessori as your preferred provider.

Teaching Style

First and foremost, our centre focuses on preparing children for school through a teaching method called montessori. Montessori is an individualized approach to education that cultivates creativity and curiosity through hands-on learning. It leads children to ask questions, explore, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire important skills.

Essentially, our staff encourage children to complete various activities to help them learn basic skills that translate into other areas of life. Our programs enable children to build confidence, solve problems, think creatively and gain independence at a young age.

“I believe the reason children excel is because the programs are very stimulating and the children feel secure as we are meeting their needs.” -Raman Takhar, Director


We pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere. Tawa Montessori is a smaller centre than many, as our maximum capacity is 69 children. Our size has enabled us to build a positive, caring, community culture that’s evident when you walk through the front door.

From the very beginning, families know the teachers and teachers know them. Childcare professionals aren’t simply taking care of children, they’re invested in their well-being and treat them like loved ones.


We understand parents are busy, so we have several communication tools to keep in touch.

Face-To-Face: We chat with parents when they drop off and pick up their children.
Newsletter: A monthly newsletter is sent to all parents explaining the activities and projects each program group has been working on.
Seesaw Application: We utilize an app called Seesaw, which allows teachers to upload and tag photos of children so parents can see what activities their kids are involved in.
Calls & Emails: A lot of parents call and/or email our centre at their convenience.

We do our best to keep parents engaged and informed, which is highly appreciated.


Tawa Montessori has been operational for 30 years and has developed a respected reputation. When children from our centre start school, their instructors always ask where they attended daycare, as they identify advanced skill sets compared to other students.

Additionally, we experience minimal turnover, which allows us to maintain a strong culture and positive atmosphere. Staff are highly involved with the children, as well as one another.

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