Preschool programming at Tawa Montessori

  • Teachers provide daily communication on child’s day.
  • Parents receive pictures right to their phones on activities their child is engaged in throughout the week.
  • Monthly anecdotal notes are recorded on the development of each child.
  • Yearly developmental checklists are completed for each child.
  • Teacher’s plan themes around children’s interest and daily planning is posted for parent’s information.
  • Hot lunch & am/pm snacks provided

Preschool Program includes:

  • exploring indoors and outdoors
  • creating with the arts (visual, dramatic and music)
  • discovering science
  • engaging in mathematics activities (identifying and printing the numerals)  
  • literacy activities (identifying and printing letters, identifying letter sounds, reading and spelling words)
  • developing social skills
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • problem solving
  • developing school skills

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